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Your gateway to Sri Lanka - Colombo Street Shop, online shop in the UK

You already know the Colombo Street Restaurant - BUT have you heard about the Colombo Street Shop? As an extension of our much-loved restaurant, the Colombo Street Shop is your gateway to Sri Lanka and all its glory. From aromatic spices, the finest Sri Lankan teas, and Sri Lankan masks to heat and eat food - all things Lankan are a few clicks away!

As Sri Lakans ourselves, living in the UK, we understand the importance of having access to goodies from Sri Lanka. This is why the online shop - “Colombo Street Shop” exists - to bridge the gap and bring us one step closer to the flavours of home. If you are new to Sri Lanka, this is your chance to get a feel of it and embark on a culinary journey.

At the Colombo Street Shop, it's not just about the products, and it's about sharing the passion for Sri Lankan cuisine experiences and creating connections. You’re too busy to cook but longing for a home cooked meal? Miss your species and teas? Craving a taste of home? Curious about Sri Lankan food and those spices you keep hearing about? Or planning a party and need to cater for a crowd? Well, we GET it and we got you covered! From your staple - rice and curry meals, just the dishes on their own, the world-famous kottu in multiple flavours to condiments such as Seeni Sambol, Batu Moju - we have got it all! Also, we do UK-wide deliveries - fear not, we got you covered!

Experience a whole new dimension of authentic Sri Lankan with the newly launched spice range - available exclusively at the Colombo Street Shop. This one stop shop is where convenience meets authenticity! Tailored to cater the everyday needs of the Sri lankan - whether you’re a student, a working professional or someone simply craving a home-cooked meal or the key ingredients to make it yourself, Colombo Street Shop is where you should be.


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