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Two for one cocktails

12.00 pm till 5.00 pm and 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm, T&Cs apply 

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Food Places in Nottingham Town Centre


Colombo Street origins are traced back to when we decided to bring a little bit of Sri Lanka to the Midlands by serving up the most exciting, flavourful, and vibrant Sri Lankan Street food called Kottu at some of the best street food markets and events. Our sought-after signature kottu dishes pay homage to the delicious traditional flavours of tropical island Sri Lanka with a twist of inspiration from across Asia.


Not only does our signature kottu gives our customers rich and flavourful bites of comfort food that stimulate tastebuds, but we have been able to give the ultimate Sri Lankan street food experience with a warm welcome and a show of how we create our nation's beloved street food with the hustle and bustle of the metal-on-metal beats creating tunes of Baila music.


Our tales of becoming the 2020 British Street Food Awards Finalists and the loyal customers across the Midlands have inspired us to take the next step in our food-venture in Robinhood Country. We have experienced an overwhelmingly positive reception from our devoted customers since our establishment in Nottingham. We are extremely grateful for the recognition we have received through numerous accolades in both the Midlands and the wider UK. It brings us great joy to have been named the Sri Lankan Restaurant of The Year at the esteemed National Asian Food Awards, as well as being selected as a finalist for the title of South Asian Restaurant of the Year at the Midland Food and Drink Awards.



Nestled away at the heart of the Nottingham city centre, Colombo Street debuts its first restaurant offering handpicked dishes to offer the best culinary voyage that journeys through the island's favourites from different regions. Each dish represents a rich tapestry of fusion flavours that have evolved over hundreds of years drawing in a multicultural influence from early settlers in our beautiful tropical island from India, China, the Middle East, Portugal, Holland, and Britain.


The Colombo Street restaurant offers two unique Sri Lankan food experiences with our warm Sri Lankan hospitality of which one will be a dining experience exploring the traditional home-cooked dishes and street food and another experience to simply enjoy our tropical island’s most popular street food dishes tapas style with our signature Colombo Street flair.



Our menus are designed to give you the best Sri Lankan food combinations handpicked by our passionate team. Whether it is vibrant street food that makes you feel like you are walking through the streets of Sri Lanka or a rounded dining experience of a comforting and authentic meal including our popular coconut-based curries and sambols served with favourite tropical island combinations- we have got you covered.


Enjoy your journey through Sri Lanka that makes your tastebuds tingle from dishes created with bold authentic flavours, inspired from different regions in Sri Lanka and made with spices unique to our beautiful little island.

Blood favors


To experience the warmth of our Sri Lankan hospitality, artful ambience from local Lankan artists and the island favourite’s bold and authentic flavours.


On Wheels

You may have seen our food truck  across the UK at street food markets. We serve our award winning dish "Kottu" which is loud, vibrant, extremely flavoursome and leaves an everlasting impression on Sri Lankan food. Find out when and where you can find us in our events calendar.


Enjoying our food? Share the love by bringing home our authentic Sri Lankan flavours. We cater to weddings, birthdays, private and corporate events however big or small. Get in touch and we will work with you to satisfy your Colombo Street cravings.

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