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Colombo Street; experience a bit of Sri Lanka at the heart of Nottingham.

Nottingham; the city where history and heritage meet modern culture! Nottingham is where Colombo Street comes in adding more pizazz to the city with Sri Lankan flavors. Started with a food truck with the sole aim of bringing the bold, rich flavors of Sri Lankan Street Food to the world the restaurant is now thriving! A restaurant customers cannot get enough of, a shop dedicated to Sri Lankan goodies including readymade meals, teas, spices and much more… all while operating across the UK covering a myriad of events with the food truck.

The interior is adorned with artworks inspired by Sri Lankan traditional designs, masks and other hard to miss spots in Sri Lanka including Sigiriya and Ella. The establishment is run with the warmth and love that Sri Lanka is known for and the menu is truly one of a kind. From the classics to the street foods you can expect everything at Colombo Street. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you're a Sri Lankan craving the comfort of home or you are a total stranger to Sri Lankan cuisine; we assure that your appetite will be satiated either way.

An absolute cannot miss at Colombo Street has to be the Sunday Buffets - happening every Sunday 12-6 pm for just £19.95 per person is nothing short of a TREAT! Book a table for Sunday, come with your family and friends to spend an afternoon indulging in milk rice, kottu, all the other classics and hidden gems like Bibikkan or creamy chocolate biscuit pudding.

If what you're looking for is a weekday treat, a venue to hold your corporate event or simply a lunch OR a dinner date - the 2 or 1 Cocktail offer might just be your calling. Did you know about our Chocolate Month Promotion? Or how we celebrated Valentine's day or Pancake day? At Colombo Street; we are ALWAYS looking for excuses to celebrate all small and big things in life and would LOVE to make you a part of that! At Colombo Street it is MUCH more than just delicious FOOD. It's a sensorial experience and an attempt to bring the comfort of home to you and introduce a whole new culture to you!

Making a reservation at Colombo Street cannot be easier - simply go to our website. If you are a homebody - we will deliver your order right to your doorstep. So, place your order on Uber, Deliveroo or JustEat. Protip: if you’re feeding a bigger crowd, throwing a party, or simply meal prepping Colombo Street Shop is where you should go. Experience the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer from spices, recipes, hospitality to arguably the BEST Sri Lankan meals in Nottingham at Colombo Street.


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